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Frequently Asked Questions

This question is asked a lot and, to be honest, it's difficult to say exactly without contacting any service providers. However, the average cost of replacing an old gutter with a new one varies between 450 and 850 euros. The cost of replacing gutters will depend on the material you choose, the condition of the cladding, the accessibility of the roofline, and the type of property you live in.

The cost to fix gutters is based on several factors. So don't be surprised if you get different quotes from different companies. The cost of repairing a gutter depends on the type of repair, the size of the damaged areas, and your geographic location. A gutter repair can cost anywhere from 150 to 550 euros, though most will be somewhere in the middle.

In many cases, especially if you've been maintaining it well, all you need is repairing gutters. This is usually the case when the damage is limited to a small section of the gutter. If you have a few holes or a handful of hangers peeled off the bezel, all that should be needed is repairs.

On the other hand, if large chunks of the gutter have moved away from the roof, it usually means you'll need to replace the gutters as well as the dashboard they are attached to. If any repairs are needed in the entire gutter system or sections that don't always stay together are another good sign that it's time to replace gutters.

To know if your gutters need cleaning, pay attention to these signs:

  1. Plants that grow out of gutters: If you see plants sprouting from a gutter, you have likely neglected them for a long time. Rainwater and wind deposit dirt and leaves in your gutters. If you don't clean them regularly, the organic matter that collects in them can promote plant growth.
  2. Sagging gutters: If a gutter sags, clean it immediately. Gutters sag when there is a large collection of leaves, debris, and water.
  3. Pests in your gutters: Pests love to hide in gullies full of leaves and debris. This creates a comfortable and hospitable environment. Smaller pests attract larger, more dangerous pests. So be on your guard.

Yes, because gutter guards are inefficient and won't do the job they were designed to do.

Twice a year is advisable. However, the frequency of replacement depends on the condition of the existing roofline and the materials from which the fascia and soffit are made.

Also, there are a few things to keep in mind that indicate that you may need to replace the fascia and soffit:

  1. Cracks and broken sections
  2. Detection of pests in your roof space - rustling or clicking noises
  3. Rotten wooden edges and boards
  4. Broken mortar on the gables
  5. Leaking gutters
  6. Peeling paint
  7. Bad general condition