How to Clean Outside of Gutters

How to Clean Outside of Gutters- Our Ultimate Guide

How to clean outside of gutters? Gutters are installed on the edge of the roof. It is mainly functioned to load and flow rainwater that falls down to the roof. Although the function sounds simple, the presence of a gutter is very important. It is very effective to avoid the drench of water coming into the house. Sure, further effects are worse for your house including weathering of the wooden door, windows’ frames, and even the wall.

One of the main problems related to the gutter is the accumulation of leaves, dirt, and dust that can cause a blockage. This way, it causes water to be welled up and corrodes the gutter itself mainly if it is made from metals, not PVC. Even areas around it which are made from wood can be weathered also. So, to avoid those problems, gutters need to be treated regularly. To clean it, you can do some actions below.

Removing Leaves and Dirt

Leaves that fall down from the trees are a kind of dirt that commonly blocks the gutter the most. So, it is very important to remove them. Removing leaves and other dirt is not very difficult at all. Yes, you need to go up to the roof for a maximum result. Then, scoop them using a small shovel. Prepare a trash bag as a place to put the leaves before they are put into the trash can. Sure, this is only the first step. Next, remove the remaining dirt by using a small feather duster. Sweep the dust and dirt into the hole of the gutter. You can do this process from the farthest area from the gutter’s hole. This way, you don’t need to work twice or repeat the process.

Spraying the Gutter with a Water Hose

After all the dirt whether the big or the small ones have been cleaned, spray the gutter using a water hose. Flow the water along the gutter channel up to the pipe that flows to the ground. It is much better if the hose is equipped with a pressure regulator that can be turned on and off. Yes, sometimes, you may need to stop for a moment to remove the remaining dirt manually. You can also brush the gutter area while spraying it smoothly. Since this is your chance to clean this area, you should totally do it anyway.

Removing Blockage from the Pipe

While spraying the water, you can also check the pipe condition. If the water cannot flow down well, it means there is a blockage. Try to spray the water with a big pressure to push it down. How if this method is not successful? You may need another tool to make it work smoothly. For example, it is a hoist that is commonly used by piping services. The tool is namely an auger or a drain snake. If there is an iron stick that is quite long, you can use it to push the dirt so that it can go outside.

Check the Gutter and the Pipe

It is very good if it is the rainy season so that you can naturally check whether the gutter and pipe have been good or not. But if you clean the area before the rainy season has come, it means you must check the gutter by yourself. Still using the hose spray water with slow pressure. If you see the water flow smoothly to the ground, it means that there is no problem at all, particularly in the pipe area. But if you cannot see the water flow down to the ground, it means that there is still blockage somewhere in the pipe. Make sure to clean it one more time.

Pay Attention to Your Safety

In case you want to do it by yourself, make sure to pay attention to your safety. For example, the stairs you use to step up must be strong and sturdy. Make sure also they are really solid and not slippery. To make your position more stable, don’t you even step your foot to two stairs at the same time. The same thing is also when you want to clean the gutter from the roof. You must wear anti-slip shoes to avoid you being slipped up. Be careful also about the electricity installation.

Use a Roof and Gutter Cleaning Service

Of course, you should not clean the gutter by yourself if you cannot do it. This activity is quite difficult if you are not really good at it. Besides, it is a little bit more dangerous and risky. The safer way to clean gutters is by using services from a gutter cleaning and repairing company. The team must be more professional and experienced. Besides, the team commonly uses tools and equipment that make the job easier and faster. Choosing a cleaning company that is quite close to your area is more recommended. For you in the Dublin area, you can visit Gutter Repairs Dublin.